The Professional Education Program is unique in the elections profession. It is the only program of continuing professional education which specializes in voter registration and elections administration. It is intended for those who want to demonstrate their dedication to excellence through a career-long commitment to improving their skills and staying at the top of this profession.


The program was created by The Election Center with the cooperation and guidance of Auburn University's Master's in Public Administration faculty who also serve as the principal instructors. Participants receive Election Center credit towards the achievement of the profession's highest designation as Certified Elections/Registration Administrator (CERA), Certified Elections/Registration Vendor (CERV) or Certified Elections Monitor (CEM)  and they receive continuing education units (CEUs) from Auburn University.


 You have twelve years to complete 12 Core Courses which, along with other requirements, can lead to the CERA/CERV/CEM standing.


View Core Course Descriptions offered in the Professional Education Program through the links listed above.


The courses are offered in conjunction with Election Center workshops (February and April) and the National Conference (August) at locations throughout the U.S. every year. Also courses are offered each May in Auburn, AL and each July in different regions around the country.


The Professional Education Program Manual PEP Manual provides information about the CERA/CERV/CEM program requirements to gain certification and descriptions of the courses needed to complete your certification. You can download the manual and print it out for yourself.


Should you desire a printed copy of the PEP Manual you may fax or email a request for your copy today:

Fax: 281-293-0453



Nearly 1000 of your colleagues from around the nation have completed their CERA/CERV/CEM certification in the Professional Education Program. We look forward to having you enroll in this challenging programming which leads to the pursuit of excellence in your profession.


The Professional Education Program was honored as the most outstanding continuing education program in America by the National University Continuing Education Association.






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To promote and support continuous improvement in the administration of elections and voter registration through research, professional education, conferences, networking and consulting.