Membership Information

Graduating Class of 2023
Who can apply to become an Election Center Member?

Full time government employees whose profession is to serve in and support voter registration and elections administration at any level of government: voter registrars, elections directors, city and county clerks, legislative staff, Secretaries of States, and federal agencies. Retired election officials remain eligible for membership.

Corporate members include suppliers of election products and services. Traditional providers such as voting equipment manufacturers, voting supply purveyors, as well as companies providing security services, communication tools, and emerging areas of support are welcome to apply for membership.

The Special membership allows individuals and organizations who work in the field of elections to become members.

All membership applications are subject to approval and applicants may be deemed unqualified for association membership.

If you are currently an Election Center Member and need to review or make changes to your existing membership, please go to My Account.

Membership Benefits
  • Membership allows participation in the renowned CERA/CERV certification program. The program is only available to current members.*
  • Membership allows participation in Election Center workshops & committees.
  • Members receive discounted registration to JEOLC, the Annual Conference, and Auburn Symposium (standard is a $100 discount)
  • Member only access to Election Center website resources
  • Receipt of Member email alerts
  • Participation in Member requested surveys
  • Convenient access to event registrations
  • Members receive discounted exhibit space at the Annual Conference (standard is a $500 discount).
  • Members will have access to the full directory listing of other members' contact information for increased ease of networking and communication. (This functionality will be available upon the launch of our new Membership Portal in summer/fall of 2024.)
  • Additional membership benefits are in the works--stay tuned!

* Some restrictions may apply

Membership Details
  • All memberships are individual memberships. You may have your organization membership managed as a group.
  • All memberships are a flat fee.
  • All memberships are nontransferable.
  • All memberships are valid for one year from the date of registration.
Election/Government Official

COST: $199 annually per member

Formerly: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Blue Memberships.

  • Election officials/staff, government agencies doing election work
  • Participation in the Professional Practices Papers Award Program

COST: $599 annually per member

Formerly: Corporate Levels Memberships.

  • Service & tech providers, LLCs working in the elections industry

COST: $399 annually per member

Formerly: Bronze Memberships.

  • Nonprofit partners, state association directors
  • Members who have left election administration can continue their CERA certification and renewal. However, at this time, this level of membership does not include new participation in the program.