Election Consulting Services

Election consulting consists of advising and assisting election officials in the daily operations required to administer elections and the tasks associated with voter registration.

  • Voter Outreach
  • Special Studies
  • Work Flow Design
  • Staff Development
  • Financial Analysis
  • Problem Resolution
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Key Personnel Recruitment
  • Training for Poll Workers
  • Legislative Impact Analysis
  • Campaign Reporting and Finance
  • System Analysis and Deployment
  • Individualized Research Projects
  • Procedural Development and Analysis
  • Continuity of Operations Plan Development
  • Review and Analysis of Operational Issues
  • Review for Compliance with Federal and State Law or Local Policy
  • Speakers for any of these topics
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    We will provide a no obligation consult evaluation via telephone to help define a scope of work in matters related to your election administration and voter registration needs.

    Who We Are

    The Election Center is the premier organization of election professionals. For over three decades, the Election Center has trained more voter registration and election administrators than any other organization in the world. As a nonprofit, we have a dedication to service for governmental clients. We serve the people who serve democracy.

    The Election Center is the only organization in America that specializes in voter registration and election administration. In addition to expertise as the acknowledged premier elections organization, we know and understand the role of government budgeting process, the goals of public service, ethical considerations unique to government, and especially to elections.

    Election Administration is so complex and specialized that other firms are likely to make mistakes in recommendations for solutions. We can quickly spot the difference between a successful program and when trouble has likely begun.

    Our consulting teams consist of election professional with dozens of years experience in large, medium and small jurisdictions throughout the country. We also have attorneys and college instructors available. Each team is selected to meet your particular needs. Our competitive fees are based on the services requested.

    Our Clients

  • Law Firms
  • Election Boards
  • County Executives
  • Boards of Supervisors
  • Boards of Commissioners
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Federal, State & Local Election Officials
  • Professional Organizations & Associations