Becoming A CERA, CERV Or CEM Graduate
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How To Become A Graduate

Follow these steps and suggested guidelines for certification and graduation requirements for any of the following:

•  Certified Elections/Registration Administrator (CERA)

•  Certified Elections/Registration Vendor (CERV)

•  Certified Elections Monitor (CEM)

Step 1

Review the Certification Requirements for Graduation


• View the Core Graduation Courses (I - XII) listing.

• View the Calendar of scheduled courses, dates and locations.

• Course Requirements:

Complete a total of 12 core graduation courses. Each course is 1½ days. Program must be completed within 12 years.

• Experience Requirements:

(1) Serve as a full time election/voter registration official OR have a full time job where election/voter registration is a portion of your job duties; AND

(2) Administer one jurisdiction-wide election; AND

(3) Have 2 years of election or voter registration experience by graduation date.

• Conference/Workshop Requirements (2 events):

(1) Attend 2 Election Center conferences or workshops; OR

(2) Attend 1 Election Center event PLUS attend 1 event from another association (minimum of 5 hours of election or voter registration subject matter).

Note: This must occur between the admission date and graduation date.

• Save all course/conference/workshop documentation including receipts, when attending events from organizations other than The Election Center. Documentation is required when applying for graduation. Documentation of attendance to Election Center conference/workshops is NOT required when applying for graduation.


Step 2:

Submit an Application for Graduation


Applications for Graduation

• Deadline for submitting an Application for Graduation is annually on June 1.

• Include $175 application fee with application, OR include $275 if not attending conference and graduation ceremony or if attending graduation ceremony only.

• Mail your completed graduation forms and fees (make checks payable to the Election Center) by June 1 to:


Karla Hooter

21946 Royal Montreal, Suite 100

Katy, TX 77450

Phone: (281) 396-4309

Fax: 281-396-4315



Call for overnight delivery address.

• If you have questions, please contact Karla Hooter at (281) 396-4309 or e-mail:

• If further information is needed, you will be contacted for clarification or to submit additional information. You will be notified by Election Center regarding approval or denial of your application.

• Attend graduation ceremony at national conference and receive official pin, plaque and recognition.

Reminder: Graduates who attend the graduation ceremony only and not the conference will be assessed an additional $100 to cover pro rata share of the ceremony. Graduates who do not attend the conference or the ceremony will be assessed a shipping handling fee of $100 to cover shipping costs and pro rata share of the ceremony.

• Have questions? Go to FAQ - CERA/CERV Graduation.


Step 3:

Submit an application to Renew Your CERA/CERV Status


• Renewal status is required every three years.

• Deadline for renewal is annually on December 31. Example: If your graduation/renewal date is 8/10/03, you should renew your status by submitting an Application for Renewal by 12/31/06.

• Include $150 renewal fee with application.

• Have questions? Go to Renew Your CERA/CERV Status.





21946 Royal Montreal Dr.

Suite 100

Katy, TX 77450

281-396-4309 Phone

281-396-4315 Fax



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