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(Dates, locations and pricing are subject to change - class prices are per class)

Arlington, VA

Joint Election Official Liaison Committee Meeting

Ritz Carlton Hotel

Jan 5-6


$ N/A





Savannah, GA

Feb 15-19

(classes 2/18-2/19)

Election Center Special Workshop

Course 7 (Facilitating Voter Participation)

Course 8 (Implementation of New Programs)

Renewal Course 26 (Resource Management)

Election Center Special Workshop

Course 9 (Enfranchisement, Enhancement, Enforcement )

Course 10 (Constitution, Courts & Cases to 1965)

Renewal Course 27(Comparing Election Performance by Measuring Process and Using Results)

Columbus, OH

April 26-30

(classes 4/29-4/30)





Special Session:

Auburn Hotel and Dixon Conference Center

Course 11 (History I – Ancients to 1781)

Course 12 (History II – 1781 to Modern Era)

Course 5 (Ethics in Elections)

Course 6 (Communications)

Auburn, AL

May 8-13



Fort Myers, FL

July 8-15

PEP Summer Session:

Sanibel Harbour Hotel

Course 1 (Introduction to the Election Admin. Syst.)

Course 2 (Management and Leadership)

Course 3 (Planning and Budgeting)

Course 4 (Information Management & Technology)

Course 5 (Ethics in Elections)




Orange County, CA

Aug 19-23

(classes 8/19-/20)

Election Center 33rd Annual Nat’l Conference

Hyatt Regency Orange County

Course 11 (History I – Ancients to 1781)

Course 12 (History II – 1781 to Modern Era)

Renewal Course 28 (Navigating Successful Change Management)

NEW Renewal Course 29 (TBA)





Note: Professional Education Program (PEP) Courses offered in Feb/April/Aug are concurrent; therefore you can only take one course per event. The May and July summer courses are in a series and all of the classes offered can be completed in a week.1


1 2017 Events





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Katy, TX 77450

281-396-4309 Phone

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The Election Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, and improving democracy. Its members are government employees whose profession is to serve in voter registration and elections administration.